Lillian August is known for marrying grace with practicality; the new Modern Living Collection is a continuation in this tradition; Lillian August understands the nuance of a modern lifestyle. Comfort and nonchalance play with style and iconic forms to create inspiring furniture for contemporary lives.

Modern Elm (-A2 Standard)

Developed to take advantage of the striking grain patterns of Elm veneers, this warm grayish brown finish creates a a soft, transitional appearance.

Mineral (-J7)

A clear light grey stained finish with some translucence which accentuates the character of the wood.

Cinder (ID)

A clear charbrown finish that reads through to a grey undertone providing a clean transitional mid-tone that works with browns and greys very well.

Dove (-21)

A soft patinated Belgian grey finish, hand burnished and detailed with a gently spattered antiqued glaze.

Sugar (-27)

An opaque, clean white finish with a very slight intermittent rub-through along the perimeter edge.