Pillows & Cushions


Pillows & Cushions

The Decorative Pillow program allows you to design your own pillows by offering (Square, Kidney and Cylinder) pillows in varying sizes. After selecting a pillow style and size you can customize the pillow by combining the options listed below (for an upcharge).

Note: All decorative pillows are standard (W) Welted Knife Edge unless you list an alternative. In addition, many decorative trims are available. List your pillow Style # then list the custom codes that correspond to your selected options. Example: LA-S2LF = 18" Square Pillow with Optional Large Flange.

S = Square

Style #
LA-S1 = 16 x 16
LA-S2 = 18 x 18
LA-S3 = 20 x 20
LA-S4 = 22 x 22
LA-S5 = 24 x 24
LA-S6 = 26 x 26

K = Kidney

Style #
LA-K1 = 9 x 21
LA-K2 = 11 x 21
LA-K3 = 11 x 24
LA-K4 = 13 x 24
LA-K5 = 11 x 26

C = Cylinder

Style #
LA-C1 = 6 x 22
LA-C2 = 8 x 20
LA-C3 = 8 x 24

Pillow Details

W = Welted Knife Edge (standard)

LF = Large Flange 11⁄2 inch

SF = Small Flange 1⁄2 inch

E = English Seam Weltless

D = Double Needle Weltless

SBW = Small Box Border-2" with Welt

LBW = Large Box Border-21⁄2" with Welt

SBF = Small Box Border-2" with 1⁄2 inch flange

LBF = Large Box Border-21⁄2" with 1⁄2 inch flange

SBE = Small Box Border-2" with English Seam

LBE = Large Box Border-21⁄2" with English Seam

SBD = Small Box Border-2" Double Needle

LBD = Large Box Border-21⁄2" Double Needle

Mitered (M = one side only)

Mitered (MM = on two sides)

B = Button

BP = Button with Pleat  on Cylinder

Decorative Pillow Options


Can use any tape. Available on any decorative toss pillow


Can use any tape. Available on any decorative kidney pillow

Contrast Center Square

Can use any tape. Available on any decorative toss or kidney pillow


Ultra Down (standard)

A ultra-cell poly foam in a lofty jacket filled with 50% conjugated fiber mixed with a 50% blend of 10% down and 90% feathers. All components meet California Flame Retardant specifications.

Soft Spring Down

Individually encapsulated coil springs attached to each other by four clips on top and bottom of each coil placed inside a Bio-Comfort foam box, then wrapped with a thick blanket of polyester in a down proof tick that has been sewn with channels to hold a 15% down 85% feather filling.

Supreme Down

Designed to provide plushness combined with support. This is accomplished by mixing a premium fiber with a 10% down and 90% small feathers. The ticking used is 100% cotton down proof which is sewn with multi diamonds to ensure the proper amount of filling in each area.

Eco Plush

Employs the latest in environmentally friendly technology. The Bio-Comfort foam core uses the highest amount of soy based products possible. The core is wrapped with corn cellulose base Ingeo fiber. The fiber wrapped foam is filled into a 100% cotton down proof ticking.

Ultra Down Back

Combination of premium polyester fibers with feather down with a 50/50 blend in a cotton down proof ticking.

Supreme Down Back

The most plush and Eco-friendly pillow possible. The tick is 100% cotton and the filling is 100% white goose down and feathers. The blend is 10% down and 90% feathers.

Seat Cushion Shape & Comfort Scale

Cushion Appearance
Cushion Feel/Comfort
Eco Plush
Eco Plush
Soft Spring Down
Soft Spring Down
Ultra Down
Ultra Down
Supreme Down
Supreme Down